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Lemongrass Tea

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Kashmiri Kahwa

Kashmiri Kahwa Tea leaves hand picked from the valley and blended precisely with aromatic spices like Cardamom & Cinnamon, lightly topped with appetizing saffron to create a highly appeasing blend of .....
  • Product Code : 02
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Mint Tea

Traditional mint buds blended carefully with rich green tea to create a highly refreshing brew. Mint tea can be enjoyed at all times of the day and is commonly served to guests in middle eastern cu.....
  • Product Code : 03
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Immunity Boosting Tea

An exotic mix of herbs and spices with black tea create a fabulous brew that suits the Indian pallet. A warm cup of this tea can be enjoyed with the benefits of numerous zests and herbs that will help.....
  • Product Code : 04
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Rose Tea

Soft & elusive rose petals mixed with high quality black long tea leaves to give an aromatic blend providing rich and sweet-smelling tea concoction. The rich aroma of this mlange is thoroughly and r.....
  • Product Code : 05
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Jasmine Tea

Delicate real Jasmine buds blended carefully with rich green tea and topped with plant-based compounds called Polyphenols create a special blend that has a sweet smell .....
  • Product Code : 06
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Chamomile Tea

Chamomile flowers are a fragrant bunch with specific fragrance which is loved by many people in the modern world. The rich aroma of this beverage is thoroughly soothing .....
  • Product Code : 07
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Peach and Apricot Tea

Mellow peaches with seasoned apricots give a rich, sweet and sour flavor to this tea concoction.....
  • Product Code : 08
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We have brought a range of flavored teas for the clients. A lot of people are the regular consumers of tea with the only variations in the flavors. Our company has brought the most preferred tea flavors to meet the specific demands of the clients. the tea is completely safe and devoid of any artificial flavor or color. Flavored teas are supposed to be mood enhancers and stress relivers. These unique and fragrant teas are perfect choices for welcoming and serving the guests. The caffeine of these teas is highly safe and stimulates the mood of the person ad ultimately the environment of the gathering. 

Types of base Teas used in Glenlicious Products

Black Tea


To prepare tea leaves for black tea, whole leaves are cut at peak freshness from the tea plant, Camellia sinensis, and allowed to wither. A lengthy oxidation process is what gives black tea its distinct, bold flavor.


Green Tea


Green tea leaves are also fermented but not quite like black tea. The lesser amount of withering and fermentation, they retain their green color and produce a lighter, more grassy taste.


Orthodox Tea


Orthodox tea is processed using traditional full fermentation method. Orthodox teas are generally bright and brisk and have a multi-layered flavour profile.

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