Primary Focus

From the very first day, Glenlicious is focused on maintaining highest level of professionalism and ethics in its work. All the internal as well as external processes of our company are handled carefully in a value driven manner in order to reach top standards in F&B industry. We make sure that the order of customers for Mint Tea, Kashmiri Kahwa, Chamomile Tea, Lemongrass Tea, Chamomile Tea, Rose Tea, Immunity Boosting Tea and Jasmine Tea and other items are completed within the stipulated time frame. Our customers fulfilment and satisfaction always remains our utmost priority.

Primary Competitive Advantages

The secret behind our fast growth in the industry is our competitive advantages that include:

  • We use high quality teas as the base
  • We use only natural blends to create flavored teas
  • We have a high focus towards health benefits of our products
  • We do not add any artificial flavors
  • We have capacity of meeting urgent orders on time
  • We have an active widespread distribution network


  • We follow all the regulations and guidelines that are set in the respective sector
  • Quality control roles and responsibilities of employees is clearly defined
  • Formula for blending clearly defined and implemented
  • Rigorous quality and regular inspection of materials documented
  • Regular inspection and documentation of area where unpacked and packed goods are stored
  • Regular sanitization of the machineries and storage areas is done
  • Customer feedback documented and seriously reflected upon

Professed Experts

All the production, marketing and management processes of our company are operated by our team of professed experts. They possess valuable experience and up to date knowledge to work in the respective domain. With their skills of outstanding teamwork, all the team members work prolifically at their optimum level on a regular basis.

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